Manage your fax mailing campaign efficiently


Nearly 100% of companies are equipped with fax machines, which makes fax mailing a universal B2B direct marketing resource, and potentially the most efficient! About 98 % of faxes received are read, there are no anti-spam filters. You can use fax mailings to broadcast information to your existing clients (newsletters, launches of new features, surveys, etc) or to search for new potential clients (by running of a seasonal promotion, for example).

The Popfax fax mailing offer is a complete and cost-effective solution for your fax mailing campaign, being at once simple to use and efficient… Fax mailing is the only direct marketing tool that allows you to know exactly how many messages were successfully sent.

Our professional fax mailing offer includes:

  • A user-friendly web interface available 24h/24, 7/7 where you can manage your fax mailing campaigns, monitor them in real time, download reports, etc.
  • Easy scheduling of fax mailing for a specific time and day.
  • Management of the black list ( to conform with legislation.
  • Automatic management of unsubscribe requests to conform with legislation.
  • Personalized fax mailing - set personalized fields within your fax to look more professional.
  • Page size evaluator - evaluates the average (statistical) duration of your fax transmission, so that you can optimize your fax content for a faster, and thus lower cost, transmission.
  • A statistical report that can be downloaded in real time and at the end of your fax mailing campaign (faxes sent with success, the causes of failures, etc.).
  • Updated and unduplicated databases for major European countries.
  • If you need help, you can ask for a call back and one of our fax mailing experts will help you to personalize your fax content and optimize your fax mailing campaign.
  • You can use different formats for your fax content. Click here for more information regarding the supported fax formats.

Personalized fax mailing campaign


The Popfax fax mailing solutions provides you with the possibility of having customized fields within your faxes. We have developed a special free function that automatically merges the personalized fields with the corresponding information from the recipient list.

The documents can contain as many merge-fields of information as you want, thus automating repetitive document production tasks.

In order to send a personalized fax mailing, you create one "master" document containing the information that is the same in each copy, and then add placeholders for the information that will be uniquely personalized on each copy. After that you upload the “master” document with defined placeholders and the recipient file in the fax mailing web interface.

Popfax takes care of the rest!

Fax mailing databases available for FREE


Along with our professional fax mailing tool, we provide you with databases of fax numbers, available for free in your fax mailer account. You will benefit from a selection of numbers for private and public businesses, updated and categorized by sector of activity, activity, region, department and city for an effective fax mailing campaign.

Our fax lists are:

  • Frequently updated
  • Contain over 3 million fax numbers
  • Can be used immediately or saved for sending later
  • Include businesses throughout France and Belgium (other countries will be added soon)
  • Easy to use and customized to meet your needs

Blacklisting and unsubscribing process


To comply with the legislation in force, Popfax provides you with an automated tool for the management of blacklists and the unsubscribing process.

You can either create a new blacklist for a fax-mailing or apply an existing one. With our free blacklisting tool you will be able stay compliant with the legislation and to manage as many blacklists as needed for your fax mailing campaigns.

So, if your recipients want to block your faxes in the future, they just have to register their fax number in our unsubscribing tool with a “campaign reference code” that adds the number to your blacklist– it’s as easy as that.

Discover our free automated unsubscribing site:

Our fax mailing offers and tariffs

Number of fax credits 100 000 50 000 10 000 5 000
National - Evening & Weekend
960 USD 720 USD 192 USD 144 USD
National - Any Time of Day
1 200 USD 900 USD 240 USD 180 USD
Main Countries
1 440 USD 1 080 USD 300 USD 216 USD
Most of the World
4 320 USD 2 160 USD 450 USD 240 USD

All above prices for faxmailing are in Euros excluding VAT. The prices are per pack of credits, and there is no refund of unused credits. The bundle you purchase determines the price of one fax credit for your account.

Prices in currencies others than the Euro are subject to variations. Payments can be completed in USD or GBP at the exchange rate which is offered at payment time, but the only currency in which prices are determined for further purchases is the Euros. Extension of credits can be done from your account for any amount higher than 150 EUR. The number of additional credits depends on the package you originally purchased.

Example: the original package is 100 000 credits for 800 EUR. For 150 EUR, you will purchase 100 000/800*150 = 18 750 credits.

The credits are valid for one year, and their validity is extended until one year after each purchase of additional credits from your account.

* Unsuccessful communications (no answer, busy lines, calls rejected, etc.) are not charged. Every minute of communication begun is charged. The price is of 1 credit per page or per minute of transmission, whichever is higher. With our high standard fax service your pages should generally go through in less than one minute. However, some very poor quality lines or equipment at the reception end and/or very dense content on your fax page can result in communications lasting longer than one minute per page. A tool to evaluate the average time of the transmission of your fax page is provided.


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